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Xceed Ladegerät C-1 mit LiPo-Balancer

Xceed Ladegerät C-1 mit LiPo-Balancer
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Technische Daten:
· Charge, Discharge, Cycle, USB charge
· Input Power: DC 10V ~ 15V
· Charge current: 0.1A ~ 10.0A
· Discharge current: 0.1A ~ 20.0A; 2C made for Lipo/Ion)
· Cell number: NiCD, NiMH (up to 10cells)
· Li-ion, Li-polymer (up to 4cells)
· Charging Method: Normal peak charge, Step charge or Flex charge
· Battery capacity range 100-9900mAh
· Lipo-balancer build in side
· Sub function: Battery internal resistance measurement; Battery data display after charge and discharge; Selectable 5 melody, 10 battery memories, temp-cut-off range (10 degr C ~ 60 degr C), USB 5V output
· PC interface (optional)